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Reblogging – a really easy way to blog!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

If you really are stuck for a new blog post, one little “cheat” you can do is called a “reblog”. This is where you have found some FANTASTIC post on another blog. Then you just write a couple of lines above about how FANTASTIC this blog post is.

For more on the many different types of blog posts, please have a look at this blog we wrote on Types of Blog Posts that Make Blogging Easy (see how we did that? Clever, hey?)

Hosting for Blogs

Friday, October 9th, 2009

All websites need to be hosted, but when a website has a blog, the hosting needs to have the capabilities of handling blogs. We at Top Left Design can provide this and we also take care of:

  • helping with domain name registration
  • creating the blog on the correct URL/Website address
  • Putting up a holding page on the website URL while the website/blog is being designed
  • Helping with setup of email addresses

We do all of this as part of our hosting offering!

But you can also have a look at this page: – as these companies are the ones WordPress approves of, and we approve of WordPress!