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Hosting for Blogs

Friday, October 9th, 2009

All websites need to be hosted, but when a website has a blog, the hosting needs to have the capabilities of handling blogs. We at Top Left Design can provide this and we also take care of:

  • helping with domain name registration
  • creating the blog on the correct URL/Website address
  • Putting up a holding page on the website URL while the website/blog is being designed
  • Helping with setup of email addresses

We do all of this as part of our hosting offering!

But you can also have a look at this page: – as these companies are the ones WordPress approves of, and we approve of WordPress!

We’d better get cracking then

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

This is the relaunch of Make My Blog. What an opportunity there is to show off the wonders of WordPress! We wont be the first who would do it, but that’s ok, from the seeds of giants, come monsters. This of course may not be the appropriate phrase to use there.

Some links to integrated blogs we have made on recently launched websites – NOTE – the content is edited and formatted by clients so not always within our control: